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10 Reasons Why Online Betting Beats Going Down to the Betting Shop

The internet was expected to revolutionize how we wager, as it has revolutionized so many other areas of our lives. Recent studies have shown that betting online is not as popular as betting on the phone, at the bookmaker or on the track. These are the 10 great reasons you should wager online, even if you haven’t yet figured out the advantages.

1) Free bets You will be offered a free bet to get you started. This usually takes the form of a match bet, where you put in a certain amount to get matched. You can double your money if you are lucky. These free bets can often quadruple at big events like the World Series or Kentucky Derby, which makes them very appealing incentives. Have you ever walked into a betting shop where the lady behind it said, “Here! We have $10!” Most likely, never.

2) Compare odds. There are many online websites that let you compare odds for all types of bets, from every type of betting event. The difference in odds from one bookmaker can be astonishing. You can compare odds online to find the best. This type of information is available only online and is completely free. If you spend your day at the bookmakers, you may only see the odds that are available in that particular shop. These odds could be shorter than those elsewhere.

3) Special offers: One thing that seems to be growing in popularity online is “money back” specials. To attract customers, online betting sites offer these specials in advance of sporting events. You could get your stake back if your horse is injured or your team loses due to penalties. This is something that you won’t find offered by a high street bookmaker or via a telephone bet.

4) Other betting options These new betting segments have been largely created by the rise of the internet. They allow for many betting variables and the final results are just one. These relatively new betting options have been controversial in certain sports and the industry. However, it is clear that they are very popular and will not be going away.

5) Increased markets. Most bookies have a tendency to offer the most popular betting markets like horse racing, football and basketball. There are many bet options available online, such as foreign sports betting, political wagering, novelty betting, and many more. You can bet on the second division of the German Handball league, or Gaelic football matches from Ireland. It was not possible before the internet to place bets in countries that do not have such events. This can prove to be a tremendous benefit for those who follow obscure sports, leagues, or events.

Access to information: You don’t need to be a genius in order to find all sorts of facts and figures from the internet. You can access this information quickly for very little or no cost. The amount of information that is online is unrivalled, no matter how well-written the form guide writer in your favorite paper. To help you choose the right betting option, there are many forums, blogs, and reports that you can access.

Comfort: It’s not necessary to drag yourself down to the bookmakers, which might be far away. You can instead relax at home and place your bets. Bookmakers can be dull places with Formica furniture, poor decor, and generally a bunch of miserable faces. It’s much better to get the kettle on, turn on your browser and see the betting opportunities of the day.

8) Speed: If you have a reliable broadband connection online betting can be done instantly. You don’t have to wait in long lines or miss the start. It is easy to find your bet, choose your options, and place your stake. You can do all of this in less than a minute. While some may think that phone betting is faster, it takes 5-20 seconds to connect with a representative. You don’t need to wait.

9) You can access your account from anywhere: If it is legal to place a wager in the jurisdiction where you live, then you should be able to do so from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection. Transfer money, place wagers and check your account anywhere you are. High street bookmakers usually close in the early evening. A few remain open later. This is true for many telephone betting services. Imagine the bill you will receive from your hotel after you have placed half a dozen wagers.

10) Online in-race betting: New technology is becoming more accessible online, which allows you to wager while running or during a game. This technology is extremely sophisticated and is changing the way that we bet. This could not be done in a betting shop, or by telephone.

While some people find it hard to quit going down the bookies, others may see the benefits. Online play can increase your chances of winning bigger bets 맨션88.

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